How to Properly Perform Window Replacement


Window replacement is a major renovation that can be challenging for homeowners to do on their own. It's a project that requires expertise and attention to detail, so you may want to hire a professional contractor for the job. You should also be sure to watch installation videos so you can learn the proper techniques.

The first step in window replacement is to identify the existing windows and determine their condition. This will help you decide whether to replace the entire frame, or just the windows. If the original frames are in good shape, you can install insert windows instead. If they're in poor condition, however, full frame replacement is the best option.

In addition, you should take the time to consider whether replacing the windows is worth it. This depends on how many new windows you're buying, the energy savings you'll enjoy over time and the potential resale value of the upgrade.

Measure Your Old Windows

Before installing a new window, it's important to know how large the window opening is. This will ensure that you order a replacement unit that will fit snugly and properly into the existing frame.

If your current window opening is wider than the replacement unit you're purchasing, you will need to make some adjustments. This can be done by sizing up the replacement unit to fit within the opening or adding shims between the window and the existing framing.

Clean the Frame: Once the window has been removed from the wall, clean the frame of any drywall dust or other debris that was left behind. You can use a soft cloth and mild detergent or cleaning solution designed for glass to remove any remaining dirt. Be careful not to use any products that contain hydrofluoric acid or phosphoric acid, which can damage the paint or vinyl of the frame.

Remove the Parting Beads

The parting beads on older windows are used to separate the upper sash from the jamb liners. To remove these, pull the upper sash upward and out of the jamb liners by pivoting one side of the sash upward. In some cases, the upper sash may be held by wooden stops; if this is the case, you should remove them from the frame. Check out our website best window company for window replacement services.

Detach the Side Jambs and Sill from the Original Frame

Once the window has been removed, remove the side jambs and sill by pressing in on them with a putty knife or other suitable tool. If the jambs and sill are still attached to the original window frame, you can use a flat bar to pry them loose.

Set the Insert Replacement in Place

Next, install the insert replacement in place by screwing it in from the inside. Depending on the model of replacement window you've chosen, this may be as simple as screwing it in from the bottom or as complex as using an adjustable screwdriver to tighten it against the blind stops and exterior casings. It's good to click on this site to learn more about the topic:

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